1.People want local products they can count on
2.Families with two working parents need a flexible schedule
3.Anyone can get started with Direct Sales, there is typically no experience necessary
4.Free training is available and teams work together to help you reach your goal
5.Amazing products that people fall in love with make loyal customers
6.Earn commissions for savings or extra spending cash
7.Great compensation plans help you make money in addition to bonuses and awards
8.Choose who you work for and who you work with
9.Consultants can choose compassionate companies with good policies you can be proud to be apart of.
10.Self motivated people often make a lot of money through Direct Sales

Have you heard about how it works?
Here at Save the Day Seasonings, we have an amazing compensation plan, lots of free services, and it is inexpensive to join.
-We are a family business providing unique and flavorful seasoning mixtures.
-We offer recipes and cooking ideas too!
15 varieties: all purpose, favorites, spicy, and ethnic choices you will fall in love with.
-We Want to Share a New, Booming Direct Sales Opportunity
Meridian Mayor Tammy De Weerd says Save the Day Seasonings is “Our next Scentsy success story!”
-Be a kitchen hero! We have a system that helps everyone find success.
Tastings are fun to host and our vendor event booths are always a big hit.
-Save money with refill pouches and a Lifetime Warranty on the seasoning jar lids.
To find out more: email info@savethedayseasonings.com

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