Congratulations!  You’ve stumbled, one way or another, upon the first official blog post for Save the Day Complete Meal Seasonings!  And, if you’re reading this, that can only mean one thing:  WE’RE IN BUSINESS!  I think about how all this started:  sending friends and family Alvi’s Incredible for Christmas.  But it wasn’t Alvi’s Incredible then; it was just “My Spice” that I put on everything I cooked.

The first hint came in January, when multiple people requested more.  And more.  My family finally convinced me that I should just start selling it.  And besides, I had several other blends I make and used all the time, and a few ideas brewing in the head.

I thought, “How hard could it be?  Throw a little money at it, put it in some bottles, sell it?  Not exactly.  What about trademarks, naming, branding, permits, regulations, facilities, shipping, suppliers, website development, laws, legal help, accounting, get the picture.

A lot more than I thought.  And yet I found myself loving this new extension of learning – all this “business” stuff is for MY business.  And as anyone with a business knows: when it’s YOUR business the passion you feel for every aspect of it is intensified.  So, I embraced the learning curve.  It took a long time and a lot of tries to get the blends the way I liked them, but in the end, I think we got it right.  If not, I’m sure you’ll let us know!

So here we are.  And I hope you’ll be with us for the ride.  That will be my challenge:  to prove to all of you, our friends, that there is a better, easier way to cook food your family will go crazy for.  I might go crazy in the process, but for me that’s a small price to pay.

Let’s get cooking together.  Until next time…


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