Hosting your Initial Save the Day Tasting

  • Write a list of all the people you know. Try to come up with 50 names (it’s easier than you think!) This will be your initial pool of people to get to try the seasonings and invite to your tasting. How nice is it that you don’t have to “force sell” anyone, nor be an irritant by being just another person looking for a recruit.
  • It’s very important that we focus on earning customers first, not just sales or recruits. You can then help your customers move naturally along the path to become a host, and some will want to join us as Kitchen Consultants.
  • Your job will be to help them along the progression cycle at their pace. It’s very important that nobody feels forced, but they must be made aware of the opportunities that are available beyond just being a customer.

Here are some ideas of who to give samples to or invite to a Tasting Party:

  • Family, friends, co-workers, teachers, religious contacts, people who love to eat, or someone who needs additional income.
  • Remember, people you know are the gateway to people you don’t know, and that is how you will perpetuate your personal sales forever. From our experience, once people taste the seasonings, their barriers go down and they are much more open to hosting a tasting, and see the benefits of joining.

Checkpoint 1:

Invite people to your own Tasting Party. Hand out samples to key people, and invite as many people as you can.

Some things you might say to those you invite:

  • “I’m so excited about my new Save the Day Seasonings business! I’m holding my first Tasting on January 20th. I’d love to have you join us and see how delicious these seasonings are!”
  • “It’s so great to see you Mary! Have you heard I started a new business? I’m going to be helping people be a hero in their kitchens! How? I’m a Kitchen Consultant for Save the Day Seasonings. I will be sharing great seasoning blends that make it easy for anyone to prepare easy, healthy and delicious dishes for their families. I’m doing a tasting on Sunday, would you like to come?”
  • Just say one thing you love about the seasonings, such as: “Have you ever heard of Save the Day Seasonings? I love that I can use one seasoning blend for dips, meats, vegetable, soups…just about anything you can think of. We’re having a Tasting Event on Friday night, and you can try them for yourself!”
  • Party Planner Checklist
  • Customer Care Follow-Up Log
  • Invitations: Option #1 Option #2

Checkpoint 2:

Set up your tasting in the Firestorm Backoffice system.

  • When you enrolled, you set up a URL that has your unique business name in it:<YourBusinessName>
  •  Example:
  • You will get a page that looks like this:

If you select Enrollment, it will enroll new Consultants under the person who’s business link it is. We’ll discuss Enrollment below, but for now go to the Members Area Login, where you can view your “Genealogy”, or downlines, and also set up tasting parties. Log in with the userid/password from the Welcome email you received when you enrolled.

Select Parties > Set up a party.

Fill out the Party form:

Upon completion of the form you will get a popup that has the Party Link (which is a link to manage your party, but not to the Shopping Cart):

Make a note of the Party # in your confirmation. That number will be used in the Party Shopping Cart URL, which is:<YourPartyNumber>


This is the URL you will use to enter party orders, and also the link you can use in your social media outlets and other means for people to order directly from you. The shopping cart is set up like other web shopping carts. Note that for items that require a selection of products (such as the 3 jar special), the person entering the order will be prompted to select which seasoning blends they want AFTER they have added the item to their cart.

That’s all there is to setting up a party! If you have any questions or issues, please contact your Sponsor or the corporate office at

Checkpoint 3:

Hold your successful Save the Day Tasting Party

Always look to break things down into easy steps. Holding a Save the Day Tasting Party is as easy as 1-2-3:

1 – Before the tasting:

  • Set a date within the next two weeks to hold a Save the Day Tasting Party. Invite as many people as possible, and give a free sample to key guests who have a high chance of attending, to try out before the party. To ensure a successful party, set a goal to have at least 10 adult guests attend. Usually this means having at least 15 people committed to coming. Create the party in your Save the Day backoffice.
  • Understand the techniques of how to get people to attend.
  • Your Sponsor will inform you about what will be required.

2 – During the party:

  • Order forms/clipboards/pens
  • Flyers/hosting and joining information
  • Any food the Consultant has agreed to bring
  • Product samples (people buy what they see, so it is encouraged to earn or purchase as many product samples as you can). You will be using the full set of seasonings that came with your Starter Kit for people to taste during presentation.What to prepare: (your Sponsor will provide these items for your first tasting):
    • A door prize for a drawing and a way to gather customer contact information and find out who would be interested in hosting a party or joining. Door prize entry sheets
    • Allow customers to try dips before the presentation starts, allowing them to whet their appetites before trying more food later.
    • During the party, give a brief overview of what you love about the seasonings: it can be the great flavors that remove the need to worry about what spices to use, the way they make cooking so much easier, or the all-natural, healthy ways they can be used. Whatever you are passionate about.
    • Ask who is familiar with Save the Day, and if some have used them before, ask how they have used them and how they make cooking easier for them.
    • Explain that our seasonings are not like other seasonings: they are usable on practically any food, cooked any way, regardless of your skill.
    • Cook some vegetables and/or meat without seasoning and allow the customers to season the food themselves using whatever of the seasonings they want. This is key in making sure that all our customers have the opportunity to taste all the varieties they are interested in.
    • Gather the entry forms for the door prize from the guests. These will have their name, email/phone, and ask yes/no/maybe on who might be interested in hosting a party in the future, and who might want to learn more about joining. These contacts are the lifeblood of your business, so do not let them slip through the cracks!
    • Mingle with the guests as they are tasting and discussing their food. Ask questions about what their favorites so far, what they like about the seasonings, and if they have any questions for you.
      • The orders can be entered as one order and shipped to the host’s or Consultant’s home, where they can be picked up or delivered. Collect orders from the guests. Depending on the situation, the Kitchen Consultant and host can have several options for order fulfillment.
      • The orders can be entered separately and shipped directly to the customer’s house.

We want our customers’ Save the Day shopping experience to be positive, so as you hold parties please provide feedback to us so we can improve our processes and training accordingly!

 3 – After the Party

  • Thank your sponsor. When you are the sponsor you will want to thank your host and follow up the next day to get add-on orders into the system.
  • Within 24 hours, follow up with all customers who were interested in booking a party or joining. Following up is the single most effective way to grow your business. Even if some time has passed, don’t assume that people are no longer interested! Follow up!
  • We will be encouraging our Consultants to close out parties quickly. It’s beneficial to get it closed out and finished, and if there are any add-on orders, they can simply be ordered outright from the Consultant’s website. Or better yet, they can book their own party and earn free seasonings. Keep Track of Possible Party Hosts

Host rewards:

First and foremost, your host wants the guests to have fun! Fortunately for us, what’s more fun than sharing amazing food, flavor, and education? With the knowledge of satisfied guests, the Host Rewards of free product credit and half price items will be the icing on the cake for your host:

Free Product Credit

Party SalesProduct Credit

Half-price items:

Party SalesHalf-Price Items

Checkpoint 4:

Achieve your Fast Start goals

Save the Day Seasonings offers a very attractive Fast Start program, where you can earn free product credit and increased commissions on downline sales.

The first 100 days in the career of a new Kitchen Consultant are his or her “Fast Start Period.” The Fast Start Period will start with the Kitchen Consultant’s enrollment date and will last for 99 more days.

All of the Personal Sales Volume (PSV) generated by a new Kitchen Consultant during their 100-day Fast Start Period is Fast Start Personal Sales Volume (FSPSV).

New Kitchen Consultants may earn Fast Start Free Product Awards as follows:

1FSPSV of 1,000 over days 1-40(a) Specific items from company, retail value of $100
2FSPSV of 2,000 over days 1-70(b) Specific items from company, retail value of $100
3FSPSV of 3,000 over days 1-100(c) Specific items from company, retail value of $100
4Enroll 1 Kitchen Consultant during your FSP who achieves (a), (b) or (c) during their FSP(d) Specific items from company, retail value of $100

RankPaid-As Title CodeFast Start Bonuses

Fast Start Bonuses

Fast Start Bonuses

To help reward the enrolling sponsor of a new Kitchen Consultant (and their enrolling sponsor) for introducing the Save The Day Seasonings opportunity to a new recruit and for helping to train her, upon the Fast Start Personal Bonus Volume (FSPBV) generated by each new Kitchen Consultant, Fast Start Bonuses will be paid to the bonus qualified enrolling sponsor of a Kitchen Consultant, and to their bonus qualified upline enrolling sponsor.

The amount of the Fast Start Bonus shall equal the Team Building Bonus earned on this volume, effectively paying the enrolling sponsor “double” the amount otherwise earned. Upon Fast Start Bonus Volume, both Team Building Bonuses and Fast Start Bonuses are paid.


KC – Kitchen Consultant

SKC – Senior Kitchen Consultant

TB – Team Builder

STB – Senior Team Builder

GL – Group Leader

D – Director

BD – Bronze Director

SD – Silver Director

GD – Gold Director

PD – Platinum Director


Hosted Tastings will be conducted the same way you held your first tasting, but now you are partnering with a Host. Your #1 priority at this point is to coach your Host on how to have a successful Tasting!

Host Coaching

Host Coaching is critical for Tasting Party success and it is a great time for you to build a relationship with your Host that is a combination of friendship and business.  As you work with her, she will see how you are professionally and learn your systems and if the right amount of rapport and trust is built in the process, you will find she makes a great new team member, too!

“Your Host is your best recruit” is a phrase that is commonly heard in direct sales and that’s because it is true. If you think about it, your Host, if he is doing his job the way you’ve modeled and asked him to, he is already “selling” the company, our products and the Tasting Party experience to his core group of family and friends. He more than likely already loves the seasonings and now as a host he is your greatest asset. If the relationship building that occurs during Host coaching goes well, it is only natural for him to at the very least consider doing what you do.

Following are some things to make sure that you do during the very important Host coaching phase of holding social media parties.

  1. Early on, see what her preference is for communication (calls, texting, email or something else) so you can communicate with her reliably.
  2. Explain to him what to expect at the party and emphasize that it is important that he be an active participant. Build rapport and encourage him.
  3. Your Host must personally invite everyone. Not a mass message or an email–personally invite them, tailoring the invitation to their style or what they might be interested in.
  4. If she finds that some people are unable to attend, encourage her to see if they’d like to place an “outside order” instead, or even consider scheduling their own Tasting Party.Offer to help with this by contacting them yourself if she feels they may need some guidance on what to order.
  5. Inviting his guests is the most “work” your Host will need to do, and although it will take him some time, it is worth it. When one of his guests says that they can attend or are interested, or if they are a maybe have him jot down their contact information on a list to send to you.
  6. If she would like, she can also create a Facebook Event to gather RSVPs and keep in touch with people about the Tasting Party but caution her to only invite people after she has personally invited them in some other way and they’ve indicated interest.
  7. She can also send out paper invitations as a follow up, so that her friends have something tangible to remind them of the party. We recommend she mail to the Yes and Maybe list she created, after personally inviting in some other way.
  8. Every gathering is and should be different based on the attendees. Have a conversation with your host about the types of friends she is expecting. You can even go over her guest list with her and find out specific things about each one, or have her send you her notes she took before inviting people.
  9. It is very effective if you as the Kitchen Consultant make night-before reminder calls or voicemails. Using your host’s Yes and Maybe list, call each guest to introduce yourself. This helps them feel more comfortable about trying something new, and makes them feel wanted. Ask your host to let you know what she thinks their preferred method of communication might be and you might say something like: “Hi I’m Susie Smith. I’m the Save the Day Seasonings Consultant who will be doing Mary’s Tasting Party tomorrow. I’m just letting you know how excited I am to meet you and thought I’d check in to see if you had any questions?” or ask them a question like, “Do you have any challenges in the kitchen?” Or, ‘What’s your favorite type of dish to make?” Or, “Tell me about your family…” This builds rapport and helps get the party off to a great start when the guests walk through the door and feel like you know them already!
  10. Conduct your party in the same was as described above, and at the end of the evening, while you are packing up, give your host a rough estimate of what her Host Rewards might be based on the sales. She can then start thinking about what she would like to order, and you can follow up with her the next day to close out the party.
  11. Allow her to help you pack up. This one on one time is often when a host will begin to ask you questions about your business as a way to discover whether she would like to join, too. Have some information about the opportunity on hand and leave it with her to go over and think about, simply asking “Have you ever thought about doing a business like this?” See what questions arise and let her know you will be talking with her tomorrow to close out the party.
  12. When you have your final party total and can give him a specific reward amount, call him to get his order. Ask him if he’s given more thought to joining your team –  you could really use the help!  If he isn’t interested, it’s OK. If he has more questions, keep the conversation going, remembering to preserve the friendship you’ve established. Whether he joins or not, he is a new ally in your business!
  13. It is not required but it’s a nice touch to send a hand written thank you card to your host. This shows you care and appreciate her, and are professional. It will be a nice surprise!
  14. After you think the orders have arrived call her up again to see if everything arrived OK. Let her know how much you appreciated her inviting you into her home and that you are available any time if questions arise!

Watch for more host coaching instructions coming soon!

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