Save the Day Seasonings is now a Direct Selling company!

Be the Hero in Your Kitchen with Save the Day Seasonings

Save the Day Seasonings is proud to be a pending applicant of the Direct Selling Association.  To view the Code of Ethics by which we abide, click here.

Save the Day Seasonings are a great product to sell as a Direct Sales Representative: Our customers have already spoken: our seasonings really do make cooking easier than ever! Becoming the hero in your kitchen can be a reality for cooks of any skill level from none at all to know it all.  It is not just about tasting good, our products legitimately help others.  Now families spend more time at the table and less time fretting in the kitchen over what to make and how to make it taste good.  Herbs and spices are well known for their health benefits.  Also, your customer base is everyone who loves good food. Our customers come back again and again because they just can’t get enough.  Once you have tasted Save The Day Seasonings, you will want everyone to know about them.

Why Direct Sales? It’s so hard to know how something tastes just from looking at a grocery store shelf.  We want to give our customers a way to sample the amazing flavors.  We want them to know how the seasonings can make them a hero in the kitchen before buying. Home parties, tasting events, and BBQ’s are just the beginning of how you can enrich your life by sharing Save The Day Seasonings with others.  Be part of a growing family organization committed to delivering pure, wholesome, meal making tools that anyone can use.  Our consultants are proud to give samples that open the door to freedom and simplicity in your kitchen.  We are unlike any other direct sale company out there and the possibilities are endless.  Join now and let Save The Day Seasonings help you find your superpower.

What does this mean for our current customers?

  • You can still expect the same amazing customer service and great tasting products.
  • You can still use this website to order products. If you do not already have a Kitchen Consultant, you can still order.
  • You now have the opportunity to receive free and reduced products when you host a Tasting Party!
  • You can join the Save the Day family and have the potential to grow your own business with an amazing compensation plan!

Thanks to all our loyal customers for supporting us through our first year of growing our company. We look forward to bringing to your homes easy and simple ways to eat healthy and tasty meals!

How can I make money selling Save the Day Seasonings?Buy Host Join Poster L

It all starts with you making the choice to begin and setting the goals you want to achieve.  Our Hero Help Team is here to support you as you get started and all along the way.  Your financial dreams are our goals.  Starter kits are specifically designed to give you everything you need to begin as an Independent Kitchen Consultant for Save the Day Seasonings.  There are some great benefits available to our Independent Consultants, such as:

  • Up to 40% commission on personal sales
  • Free personal/replicated website
  • Fast Start Awards
  • Earn double commissions when your downline achieves their Fast Start Awards
  • Group Bonuses
  • Generation Bonuses
  • Title promotion cash bonuses
  • Autoship rewards available
  • Potential to earn royalties on commercial accounts, such as restaurants and caterers
  • Represent a fast-growing company that truly cares about your success.

For more Information or to join the team, please visit here.