As I have grown older (45 now, yikes!) the health of my family has become more important. But guess what? We’re a family that LOVES to cook and eat food! Big time. We have talented cooks and bakers in our home, and it shows whenever we try to cut back on our caloric intake. We love to make rich, delicious food, including fattening desserts. For example, here are some desserts my 17 year old daughter made on her FIRST ATTEMPT decorating a cake and cupcakes.

Freak of nature, right?

And here’s a bonus random picture of my dog under the Christmas tree, just because he’s so darn cute!

His name is Dax.

But while my dog is perfectly happy eating the same thing every single day, I am not. Discipline with food is just a naturally difficult thing for people like me to master. It just doesn’t seem to make it to the top of the list when I know we need to make some changes.

So why is it so hard? There are a several challenges that are associated with “healthy eating” (some are mental, some are not):

  • The more unhealthy the food, the better it seems to taste.
  • Healthy food is harder to prepare and takes more time.
  • Unhealthy processed foods (fast food, frozen dinners, junk food, and a host of other meals and snacks) are SO EASY to purchase and prepare (and in many cases much cheaper).
  • (Most important) We are in the habit of eating poorly.

I am inspired by the story of my sister, Shanti Landon, and the challenges her family has faced in their journey towards a more healthy lifestyle (because it is our lifestyle choices in the end that determine our direction). She writes a popular blog called Life Made Full: Filling our lives with Faith, Family, and Clean Food. I highly recommend you read her story here. Can anyone argue that if our lives were focused on faith, family, and clean food, rather than the negative aspects of our past, present, and even future experiences, we would be happier in general and in a better position to help others who are struggling?

My sister is much better than I am with so many things health-related, but I would like to focus on how you (and I) can make the changes we so greatly desire but haven’t had the strength or ability to change when it comes to the food we eat. That’s where Save the Day Seasonings comes in. It’s not just another spice product to put in your pantry and use on occasion to add a bit of flavor to your food. These seasonings will bring you the freedom you need in the kitchen to actually achieve your goals for healthier eating.

Whether your dietary focus is Paleo, gluten-free, all-natural eating, or something else, Save the Day Seasonings is one product that, after trying, you will not be able to live without. Why? Because they can be used on ANY food, prepared ANY way, and you can have ANY skill level in the kitchen and still make incredibly robust and flavorful food that your family will love! See our Nutrition Facts and Ingredient lists to find the flavors that work best for you. Just gotta say, though, the Alvi’s Incredible is one you will definitely need to have on hand.

Our focus is on using whatever foods you have on hand, and just by adding our seasonings, make something special every day. From there, depending on your skill level, you can be as creative as you want, even using multiple Save the Day varieties together to create something completely new. Tips and recipes are available to help you get started.

So how does all this help you in your goals for healthier eating? It just makes cooking so EASY that you will not need to resort to old habits of unhealthy eating. Not only have these seasonings changed my life in how I cook (still working on eating less desserts!), but never before has a product been so versatile as to make even the worst cooks look like chefs! Hundreds have tried them and agree that the name says it all: Save the Day will save your day in the kitchen. It’s my job to make sure that’s the case. Because I do take making you the Hero in Your Kitchen very personally.

Here are a couple super easy recipes to get you started:

Let us know what you think by letting us know!

Adrian Alvi is a chef, baker, cake decorator, and founder of Save the Day Complete Meal Seasonings.  A father of four from Meridian, Idaho, Adrian’s mission is to educate, inspire, and bring Freedom in the Kitchen to people everywhere. You can connect with him on Facebook!

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