• 4 oz cooked pork carnitas (other meat, such as chicken, beef, or fish, can be substituted in this recipe. This is a particularly good recipe to used leftover meat for, and is the reason we had pork carnitas in this one!)

    1 hoagie roll

    ¼ onion, sliced and sauteed

    1 Tbs mayo mixed with ½ tsp Alvi’s Incredible seasoning. Other Save the Day Seasonings recommended for this dish: Strong A.R.M. , Cajun, Indian, Mexican, Italian

    Lettuce, tomato, onion, and/or other vegetables you like on sandwiches

    Cheese (optional)

    Cook the meat any way. Season with Alvi’s Incredible seasoning. Add cheese and melt it if desired. Grill or warm up the hoagie, or leave it cold if you prefer. Spread bread with mayo and add meat, sautéed onion, and condiments.

    Serves 1-2

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