Is Save the Day Seasonings Right for You?


Answer the questions to this quiz to see if you would make a good Independent Kitchen Consultant and if having the freedom of a home business is right for you?

Have you ever dreamed of running your own business?                                 Yes   /   No

Do you need an independent career?                                                                   Yes   /   No

Would you apply for a position with exponential earning potential?            Yes   /   No

Are you comfortable working directly with a customer?                                 Yes   /   No

Do you need a job with flexible hours?                                                              Yes   /   No

Do you enjoy helping others?                                                                               Yes   /   No

Can you manage your time without a boss around?                                      Yes   /   No

Do you like teaching others?                                                                                Yes   /   No

Would you like to focus on your own personal development?                      Yes   /   No

Would you enjoy attending trainings and gaining new skills?                       Yes   /   No

Do you like the company you work for to care about you?                           Yes   /   No

Do you want support while growing your confidence?                                 Yes   /   No

Would you use Save the Day Seasonings in your home?                               Yes   /   No

Do you know other people who like food?                                                       Yes   /   No

Are you willing to meet new people?                                                               Yes   /   No

Now count up your “YES” answers to get your score.


A score of 15: Born to be a Kitchen Hero! You have everything you need to be a soaring success at Save the Day Seasonings. Sign up Today

A score of 10-14: You are Incredible! You would be an awesome member of our Direct Sales family. Save the Day Seasonings would be more amazing if you would join the team.

A score of 5-9: Super Hero Skills! You have just what it takes to get started today. There is nothing holding you back from using your super skills to become super successful.

A score of 0-4: Super Duper Side Kick! Maybe this isn’t a perfect match for you, but we have training material that will help you. Maybe host a party to see what it’s like?

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