eWhen we see a baby taking his first steps, we are eager, excited, and filled with anticipation yet we do not push the child or tell them they are not going fast enough.

It is the same for your growing independent business.

These first steps... these slow, awkward moments... are filled with a careful courage that is rarely seen in adults.  In these moments all the small muscles and joints are working together in a new way .  The child is patient as he kinesthetically adapts to each step and as he learns and feels the joy and amazement of the learning process.  As adults we are used to quicker steps and longer strides and often feel annoyed rather than overjoyed with having to learn new things or go through the 'baby steps'.  As you grow as a Kitchen Hero, these baby steps will continue to be vital.  We take baby steps so that nothing and no one gets overlooked.

Also, we want you to rejoice in your first steps as you would rejoice in the first independent steps of a child.  No matter how small or large they are, we are celebrating that you took a step. We know it will only get better. If you need help, look up, we are cheering for you.  Prepare yourself, for you are entering into a whole new level of doing things. We will be there for you in that moment when you look up for encouragement, saying, "You can do it!"


Think of a small goal like selling seasonings at the farmers market,

hosting a home tasting,

or delivering samples to neighbors and then following up.

On your way to get to that goal think of these baby steps to help you reach your goal:

Step One, Stand Up: Do one thing every day that helps you toward your goal.

Step Two, One Foot Forward: When you are working on something, break it into achievable steps and, focus on one step at a time until it is done

Step Three, You Might Fall Down: Small set backs may happen but do not become discouraged.  Get back up and try again.

Step Four, Put Your Best Foot Forward: Do your very best at what you do every time and your best will consistently improve.

Step Five, Smile: Enjoy what you are doing each step of the way.  Smile, you are a HERO!

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