There is nothing wrong with humble beginnings. As we all know, the largest trees grow from small, small seeds. As a direct sales consultant, the most important thing to remind yourself is: “You are still growing”. On your way to success, we are here to assist you. We feel that keeping our business family oriented and personable is a good way to keep our products accessible to people who enjoy quality flavor and quality time at the dinner table.

As a seed, you will need a thick skin. There will be bird beaks of doubt pecking at your confidence.   There will be people who have a bad impression of direct sales companies and you will have to show how you stand apart from the rest. We make direct contact with the people who enjoy Save the Day Seasonings. As a consultant, you can discover what a person’s needs are in order to fulfill them. This is much easier with this personal connection you establish the moment you smile their way. It is because you have this super power of reaching out and making personal connections with people that we can trust the single most important business function (sales) over to you: our family of consultants.

Seeds are often used as a metaphor to describe faith because it takes a lot of belief to look at a seed and see a tree. As a sales representative, you have to keep your eye on that big dream. Believing in Save the Day Seasonings is easy because everyone deserves to have good food to enjoy, regardless of their cooking skill. You are opening the door to someone who cannot get their kids to eat veggies. You are solving the problem of a person who is home alone and wants to spice up their leftovers to make it an enjoyable meal. You are making it easy for a hard working person to pack their lunch instead of making a less healthy choice when in a rush. Whatever the problem is, you get to be the one who saves the day and not just so you can be the hero. You get to make another person a hero, and that is something to be proud of.


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