Save the Day Seasonings wants to welcome you to the family. We want you to be successful and it is very important that you use our network of support to help you as you are getting started and along the way. Here is an outline of how to get started.

  1. How to use your starter kit and products
  2. How to manage your web services
  3. How to work with other Heroes

How to Use Your Starter Kit to Make Sales


  • Use all 12 seasonings individually so that you know the taste of what you are selling
  • The jars can be used at tastings to allow people to choose any flavor
  • Use the recipe card and online recipe ideas to make dips for people to try
  • Become familiar with the product catalog and prices
  • Have product on hand you can sell to someone interested
  • Advertise for yourself by using the tote, apron, keychain, and other branded items.
  • Utilize marketing material with prospective customers


Before a tasting, samples can be used to introduce our product.

Samples can connect to a business card or have a sticker attached and be given to anyone.


  • Launch Party
    • Contact your sponsor for support and assistance with your launch party.  You will want to schedule this as close as possible to your enrollment date to help increase your chances to earn a fast start bonus.  This will be a training and learning experience in addition to earning your first party sales.
  • Home Tastings
  • Other Tastings
    • Be creative! Is it your turn to bring snacks or a meal to a pot luck? Use your seasonings and keep your marketing material handy.  Any chance you have to let someone taste the product is a step closer to a sale.


  • Everyone loves free samples.  Fairs, vendor expos, and other events are a great way to reach a large number of people.  Please see our Events tab for more information and helpful hints.


  • Online Training Videos are always being updated so check back often!
  • Team Trainings will happen monthly at the home office and can be live streamed anywhere!
  • Peer Training and social events for consultants and their families will help our skills stay sharp while keeping our Save the Day family close.

How to Set Up and Start Using Online Resources to Manage Your Sales

  • Set Up and Remember Your Unique Information
    • Business Name
    • Password
    • User Number
    • Email

Invest In Yourself and Let Your Journey Begin

Note: WE DO NOT CHARGE OUR CONSULTANTS FOR THEIR WEBSITE OR BACKOFFICE SYSTEM! Most direct-selling companies will charge you a monthly fee for this service, but we are taking a different approach. Use this benefit to help others come into the Save the Day family as Kitchen Consultants. We want you to make money in your business!


  • KC – Kitchen Consultant
  • SKC – Senior Kitchen Consultant
  • TB – Team Builder
  • STB – Senior Team Builder
  • GL – Group Leader
  • D – Director
  • BD – Bronze Director
  • SD – Silver Director
  • GD – Gold Director
  • PD – Platinum Director


  • The Save the Day Seasonings Compensation Plan is one of the most exciting things about our opportunity! Not only will you earn a 25% commission on all personal sales (Tasting Parties where you are the Consultant, and all sales through your website), our Fast Start Program will enable you to earn product credit, and earn double your 1st and 2nd downline commission percentages.
  • As your team grows, you will also earn Team Building Bonuses, Group and Generation Bonuses, and cash bonuses for Title Promotions. Sound good? There’s more: at the title of Group Leader and above, Kitchen Consultants are qualified to earn royalty bonuses on sales to restaurants, caterers, and cafeterias!
  • See the full Compensation Guide for more details

Fast Start

  • Save the Day Seasonings offers a very attractive Fast Start program, where you can earn free product credit and increased commissions on downline sales. Fast Start Bonuses Chart

Compensation Guide

Shipping/Will Call

  • You and your customers may choose shipping or will call for any order

Save the Day University

  • Look at the main page for our News and Messages

Social Media

  • You should receive an invitation to join the Save the Day Seasonings Consultant Facebook Group. Here you will find training on many topics, and can discuss the issues and opportunities of being a Save the Day Seasonings Kitchen Consultant in a private setting. If you don’t receive the invitation, please contact

Online Training Videos

Other Educational Materials

  • Email news
    • sign up for our e-newsletter
  • Hero Help
  • Printable Documents

How to Work with Sponsorship and use the Hero Help Support Network

We know it can be intimidating to start something new. We’re here to help! So how do you get from where you are now to where you want to be? First, you need to know where you want to go with your business! Do you want a little extra money to help pay the bills? Or full-time income so you can leave your current job? It doesn’t matter what it is, but you need 3 things to get there: a goal, a plan, and belief in yourself to achieve it!

  • My goal: I want to earn $__________ per month with my Save the Day Seasonings business. Remember: IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT THE NUMBER IS. Whether it’s $1000 a month $10,000 a month, we can break it down into manageable, achievable steps to get there.
  • My plan: The best plans work backwards from the achievement of the goal to where you are now. In between is the work it takes to get there. It’s not a magic formula. It’s knowing exactly what you want and doing small things each day that will fill your cup of achievement drop by drop, sometimes imperceptibly, until your cup is overflowing.
  • I can achieve it! It has been said that ‘Real maturity occurs when you embrace the fact that nobody is coming to the rescue’. Don’t be sacred by that, in fact you should be encouraged by it because nobody can run your business for you or better than you can! All the unique qualities that make you, you, are your greatest tools in growing, loving, and prospering in your business. Your mindset is the single greatest tool you possess to build your business. However, it’s also what causes people to fail, so be aware of your outlook. Do not give up early! If you don’t understand something, ask your Sponsor or our Hero Help team for assistance!
  • Work with Your Sponsor!
    • They will support you at your Launch Party
    • Team up at Events/Exhibits/Shows
    • Stay in contact to share ideas and support

Enrolling, Sponsoring, and Building a Team

There are thousands of people from all over who are looking for an opportunity to earn income but need the flexibility of schedule to fit with their current work and family obligations. Since it’s SO easy to talk about food, especially in a Home Tasting Party atmosphere where friends and family are together, sharing the Save the Day opportunity is easy, and can become a natural part of the party experience.

The best way to get your new consultants off to a good start is to model in your own business after what you would like them to do. Your team, whether it is a team of 1 or a team of 100, will do as you do.  And if you are local to each other, invite your new Consultants to attend your Tasting Parties as a “Sidekick” and watch what you do.

The most successful Kitchen Consultants will be those who are always considering how they can help move our loyal customers through the progression cycle of Customer/Host/Consultant. This is how to build a successful team. We know that there will always be people who it’s not a good fit for now. No problem.  Maybe they’re still interested in hosting a party? But if not, we always appreciate people for just being a customer!

There will be many customers who would be interested in hosting a party! And since party hosts get to see the party process firsthand working with the Consultant, many of them will see the value in the opportunity of joining as well. Many will become friends for life while building their businesses and teams. Thus, the importance of being a good Sponsor. The Consultants under you will be counting on you to know the products, the company, the opportunity, and how to get to the resources that will help them grow. It will be our job to make sure you have what you need to be the best Sponsor you can be.

Helpful Hints

  • Set up a filing system to keep yourself organized
  • Think about using a separate bank account
  • Keep a log to record your mileage  Mileage Chart
  • Keep track of taxes, expenses
  • Definitions

Helpful Products

  • Save the Day T-Shirt
  • Samples
  • Square Card Reader/Using Square Account
  • Business Cards
  • Condiment Server
  • Vinyl Window Sticker
  • Labels for Products
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