One thing I have learned through my direct sales experience is you have to stay positive and never quit. I believe you can look for prospects everywhere. If they don’t buy, don’t worry, their opinion isn’t fact but don’t just reaffirm yourself and plug on. Ask them why they are not interested so that you can learn your customer’s perspectives and grow as a sales person. This takes a little courage, but let’s face it, no one ever ‘came to save the day’ without a little courage.

Another thing I have seen work in successful sales is matching your presentation with what the customer needs. When selling Save the Day Seasonings, there is a system to follow, as well as freedom and flexibility to make each sale personal. That is what is great about direct sales; seeing the smile of a person whose problem has been solved by Save the Day Seasonings.

Each step of your interaction must increase your customer’s willingness to let your product solve their problem. They need to feel your excitement before their taste buds touch the food. Let them feel your belief about the value of the product. These spices are so good, they could sell themselves but it’s not just the flavor that makes customers, it is YOU. Insert the food into their life in a way that paints a picture of how our product improves their lives.

In other words, you need to Save the Day! When a prospect visits your booth, your party, or your event to try a sample, we can expect they will be tastefully intrigued by Save the Day Seasonings. During this short interaction make sure that the appearance of the food, the energy of your atmosphere, and the professionalism of you and your team excite them enough to want more information.

When you introduce the product, make sure they receive sincere instructions on how they can use Save the Day Seasonings to help their life. It gets them thinking, “having this in my kitchen would be a delicious and beneficial addition to my life.” The entire sales presentation is a powerful solution. We want you to be successful making people the hero in their kitchen. We help counter the misfortunes of busy schedules, we help families come together at the table, we give pure spices that make wholesome dinners possible for a cook of any skill level. We will help you build a system of success. Remember, match your customers’ needs with a solution and making the sale will be as easy as….making a healthy meal with Save the Day Seasonings.


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