Compensation Chart

RankPaid-As Title CodePersonal SalesTeam Building BonusesFast Start BonusesGroup BonusGeneration BonusesTitle Promotion Bonuses

PSC: Personal Sales Commission

PSB: Personal Sales Bonus

Titles & Title Promotions

Title promotions are effective retroactively back to the first day of the month in which the requirements were met.  More than one title promotion can occur for a Kitchen Consultant in the same month.

RankPaid-As-TitleTitle CodePersonal Sales Volume (PSV)Total Active LegsTypes of Paid-As Title LegsGroup Sales Volume (GSV)Downline Volume (DSV)
1Kitchen ConsultantKC-----
2Senior Kitchen ConsultantSKC30011 KC--
3Team BuilderTB30022 KC--
4Senior Team BuilderSTB30033 KC--
5Group LeaderGL50043 KC / 1 TB2,000-
6DirectorD50054 KC / 1 GL2,0005,000
7Bronze DirectorBD50065 KC / 1 D2,00012,000*
8Silver DirectorSD50075 KC / 2 D2,00025,000*
9Gold DirectorGD50084 KC / 4 D2,00050,000*
10Platinum DirectorPD50093 KC / 6 D2,000100,000*

* Maximum 50% DSV from any one leg.

An active leg is a leg that contains at least one Kitchen Consultant who is active (150 PSV in a rolling 3-month period, including this commission period).

Title Promotion - Notes

One of the measurements for title promotion is Group Sales Volume (GSV).  GSV includes the Personal Sales Volume (PSV) of the Kitchen Consultant plus the PSV of all downline Kitchen Consultants, down to but excluding Kitchen Consultants with a title of Group Leader or above.

This means when a Kitchen Consultant first promotes to a title above Senior Team Builder, her first upline Kitchen Consultant with a title of Group Leader or above would no longer be able to count the GSV from this person.

To minimize the effects of this loss of volume, in the month when a Kitchen Consultant promotes to Group Leader and for the next two months, her GSV will still be counted in the GSV of her first Kitchen Consultant upline with a title of Group Leader or above in the month in which the Kitchen Consultant promoted to Group Leader.

Title Maintenance

Title maintenance requirements must be met monthly in order to be paid at the level of one’s title. If a Kitchen Consultant does not meet the maintenance requirements for her title during a commission period, the Kitchen Consultant will be paid at the highest title for which she meets the maintenance requirements.

If a Kitchen Consultant with a title of Group Leader or above fails to be paid at her title level for 6 consecutive months, the Kitchen Consultant’s title will be lowered to that of the highest title for which the Kitchen Consultant qualified during the 6-month period. Titles will be lowered at the end of the commission run of the sixth consecutive commission period. New titles are effective the first day of the following commission period.

Kitchen Consultants with a title below Group Leader will never have their titles lowered.

Commissions & Bonuses

Persona Sales Commission

Personal Sales Commission (PSC) is the amount earned by a Kitchen Consultant on orders placed by the Kitchen Consultant or by her retail customers. There are no requirements to earn Personal Sales Commission.

Kitchen Consultants may retain their Personal Sales Commission as a 25% discount when placing orders. If they are not able to fully retain their Personal Sales Commission, that portion of their Personal Sales Commission that is not retained at the time of order placement will be paid to them in the monthly commission run.

Upon orders placed by the customers of a Kitchen Consultant, the Kitchen Consultant will earn her 25% Personal Sales Commission during the monthly commission run.

RankTitle CodePSC

Persona Sales Bonus

All Kitchen Consultants with $1,000 or more in Personal Sales Volume in a calendar month will earn a Personal Sales Bonus. Personal Sales Bonus is calculated and paid upon a Kitchen Consultant’s monthly PSV.

Example: In January, Jill’s personal purchases and sales to retail customers together generated 1,100 PSV. Jill earns a Personal Sales Bonus of 5% of $1,100 = $55.

The PSB bonus shall be calculated and paid during the monthly commission run.

Personal Sales VolumePSB
.01 - 999.990%
1,000.00 - 1,999.995%
2,000.00 - 2,999.9910%
3,000.00 +15%

Team Building Bonuses

Team Building Bonuses are paid on the Personal Bonus Volume (PBV) of downline Kitchen Consultants to bonus qualified Kitchen Consultants.

If a Kitchen Consultant is not bonus qualified, or is bonus qualified but is ineligible for a Team Building Bonus, the bonus will be retained by the Company. It will not “roll-up” to the next upline active or qualified Kitchen Consultant.

RankPaid-As Title CodeTeam Building Bonuses

Fast Start Free Product Awards

The first 100 days in the career of a new Kitchen Consultant are her “Fast Start Period.” The Fast Start Period will start with the Kitchen Consultant’s enrollment date and will last for 99 more days.

All of the Personal Sales Volume (PSV) generated by a new Kitchen Consultant during her 100-day Fast Start Period is Fast Start Personal Sales Volume (FSPSV).

New Kitchen Consultants may earn Fast Start Free Product Awards as follows:

1(a) FSPSV of 1,000 over days 1-40(a) Specific items from company, retail value of $100
2(b) FSPSV of 2,000 over days 1-70(b) Specific items from company, retail value of $100
3(a) FSPSV of 3,000 over days 1-100(c) Specific items from company, retail value of $100
4(a) Personally enroll one Kitchen Consultant during your Fast Start Period who achieves (a), (b) or (c) during her Fast Start Period(d) Specific items from company, retail value of $100

Each Kitchen Consultant may earn at most one each of (1), (2), (3), and (4) for each personally enrolled Kitchen Consultant who enrolled during the enroller’s Fast Start Period.

The new Kitchen Consultant needs to pay only sales tax on the retail value of these items. The retail value of the free items, when they are shipped, are to be counted by the direct selling software as taxable income to the new Kitchen Consultant at the value of retail prices.

It is suggested that Save The Day Seasonings ship the awarded items with the next order to be shipped to the Kitchen Consultant. If the Kitchen Consultant wishes to obtain the items sooner, she will need to pay shipping to have them shipped separately. There will be no shipping charge assessed on the free items when they are shipped with the next order to be shipped to the Kitchen Consultant.

Fast Start Bonuses

To help reward the enrolling sponsor of a new Kitchen Consultant (and her enrolling sponsor) for introducing the Save The Day Seasonings opportunity to a new recruit and for helping to train her, upon the Fast Start Personal Bonus Volume (FSPBV) generated by each new Kitchen Consultant, Fast Start Bonuses will be paid to the bonus qualified enrolling sponsor of a Kitchen Consultant, and to her bonus qualified upline enrolling sponsor.

The amount of the Fast Start Bonus shall equal the Team Building Bonus earned on this volume, effectively paying the enrolling sponsor “double” the amount otherwise earned. Upon Fast Start Bonus Volume, both Team Building Bonuses and Fast Start Bonuses are paid.

If a Kitchen Consultant is not bonus qualified, the bonus will be retained by the Company. It will not “roll-up” to the next upline bonus qualified Consultant.

RankPaid-As Title CodeFast Start Bonuses

Group Bonuses

Kitchen Consultants who are paid as Group Leader or above are paid a Group Bonus on their Group Bonus Volume (GBV).

Group Bonuses are paid in addition to Team Building Bonuses.

This means that a Group Leader or above may earn on the same downline Kitchen Consultant a Team Bonus and a Group Bonus.

While Team Bonuses are paid on the PBV of up to three levels of downline Kitchen Consultants, a Group Bonus may be earned on the PBV of Kitchen Consultants below one’s third level, because a Group’s bottom is limited by the presence of a downline titled Group Leader, not by a specific number of levels.

If a Kitchen Consultant with title of Group Leader is paid at a title below Group Leader, a Group Bonus on her GBV is not paid to anyone else.

At most one Group Bonus will be paid on each order.

RankPaid-As Title CodeFast Start Bonuses

Generation Bonuses

For Kitchen Consultants who are paid as Director or above, Generation Bonuses are paid on the Bonus Volume of downline generations of Kitchen Consultants with a title of Group Leader or above. One’s paid-as title determines the number of generations upon which Generation Bonuses are earned.

If a Kitchen Consultant with a paid-as title of Director or above is ineligible for a specific Generation Bonus, the Generation Bonus will not roll-up to be paid to someone else.

Instead, the company will retain the unpaid override as “breakage” in the compensation plan.

RankPaid-As Title CodeGeneration Bonuses

Title Promotion Bonuses

When a Kitchen Consultant promotes for the first time to each of the titles below at any time in her career, she will earn a one-time Title Promotion Bonus for his or her achievement.

If a Kitchen Consultant promotes to more than one new title in a single month, he or she will earn more than one Title Promotion Bonus in the same month.

To promote to a new title, a Kitchen Consultant must be bonus qualified.

RankPaid-As Title CodeTitle Promotion Bonus


On the first day of the month, Kitchen Consultants whose join date is before the first day of the fourth previous month who did not have 150 PSV over a rolling 3-month period that includes the previous month and the previous two months) will be deactivated.

When a Kitchen Consultant is deactivated, the first level of these reclassified Kitchen Consultants and the reclassified Kitchen Consultant’s personal customers will be moved up underneath the sponsor of the reclassified Kitchen Consultant. Customers order at retail prices.


Deactivated Kitchen Consultants who wish to rejoin the company within 90 days of their deactivation may rejoin as a Kitchen Consultant by paying a $25 reactivation fee. Upon reactivation, a Kitchen Consultant’s downline (Kitchen Consultants and customers) is not restored. All reactivated Kitchen Consultants will resume their career with the beginning title of Kitchen Consultant.

Kitchen Consultants whose reactivation date is more than 90 days old must complete a new Kitchen Consultant Application and Agreement and purchase a new kit. These Kitchen Consultants may participate in the Fast Start Program a second time.

All reactivated Kitchen Consultants, those that pay a $25 reactivation fee and those who purchase a new kit, will be issued a new Kitchen Consultant ID.

Autoship Rewards Program

FREE Product for Everyone

Autoship is our automatic monthly ordering program for Kitchen Consultants and their retail customers.

In addition to our lucrative compensation plan, Save The Day Seasonings offers both Kitchen Consultants and retail customers the opportunity to earn FREE product credit as a loyalty benefit of our Autoship Rewards Program.

Autoship Consecutive Month CountMonth 1-2Months 3-5Months 6-9Months 10+
Free product credit is calculated as a percentage of the price paid (less discounts) for commissionable products. These are products with BV.Consultants pay Kitchen Consultant prices (retail prices less a 25% discount). Customers pay retail prices.10% *15% *20% *25% *

Product credit will be calculated as a percentage of the price paid by the customer or the Kitchen Consultant. Product credit will be tracked in the currency of the price of the items purchased upon which the product credit was calculated.

Free product credit is awarded in gift certificates at the beginning of each month, calculated as a percentage of the prices paid for commissionable items on personal Autoship orders in the previous month.

Free product credit may be redeemed to try new products or to order more of the products one loves best. Free product credit may be used on individual orders placed that are not Autoship orders. Each gift certificate earned will expire 12 months after its issue date.

To maximize one’s free product, stay on Autoship. The percentage of free product one will earn monthly increases based on the number of consecutive months the Kitchen Consultant or customers has Autoship orders. If one skips a month or more, he or she will start over at 10% when their Autoship orders begin again.

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