Here are some tips that will help you start your business.

You can do it and we are here to help!

We are so excited that you joined the team.  It takes a self-starter like yourself to make dreams come true.  Make your goals, large or small, they are achieved the same way: one step at a time.  The first steps are very important! You are on your way to being and incredible kitchen hero.

First watch this helpful video to get you started:  Jump Start Your Business 

Keep these helpful financial tips in mind:  Money Matters

You will want to market yourself and the product effectively. Here are a few tools that will help you get your name out there and how to use them:  Using Square   Car Window Sticker

Put the Save the Day Seasonings Logo on everything!  Here are other marketing materials you can use to promote your business: Business Card Example   Consultant Sticker Template   For more printable templates, logos, banners, and posters, please visit our library:

Social media can be a great tool, whether you are new to it or an experienced veteran, we know it can be easy to use this tool incorrectly.  We know your time means a lot to you.  Here are some tools to help you with social media marketing:

All of these technical tidbits are important, however, more important is this:  Your Why Story

Now, let’s talk about how you make money.

You will want to review the Compensation Plan and all of its details.

Review it often so that you are aware of additional benefits as they become available to you.  Speaking of benefits, we want you to get your fast start bonus. Be sure to look at the details on how the Fast Start Bonus system works.

As you advance in your career as an independent consultant, your title will change as well as your compensation, please see the details about that in this document: Title Compensation Chart.

If there is anything in there that doesn’t make sense, you may want to read over the Definitions.  Also feel free to ask your sponsor or the Hero Help Line:

There are some things to keep track of along the way.  You will want to be as organized as possible so that you are efficiently using your time.  Here are some things to help you out:

Tips for Direct Sales Tax Filing

Keep track of your mileage with this Mileage Chart.

Keep track of your customers with the Customer Care Sheet  and the Future Hosts chart.

You want your customers to know you care about them.  Respect them and get to know them, that is what direct sales are all about.  Use your customers preferred form of communication. Keep your mind open to creative ways to host and invite people to your tastings.  Here is an example of a Tasting Invitation you can use.  You can give your customers easy access to helpful tools like the mobile Universal Recipe Card.  Use Save the Day Seasonings Samples as a doorway to many new mutually beneficial relationships. Make sure your sales presentation is bringing them in and not pushing them away, here are some tips.

Utilize your website, it is a free tool for you to sell your product to the world.  Never put limits on your success.  Keep a good attitude and reach out for support if you need it!  Most of all, be ambitious, and adaptable, be creative, and kind.  Let your customers’ tongues decide for them.  Be a hero by helping others be a hero, we are a team.  A league of kitchen heroes!

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