It all started with a problem, a solution, and a Christmas gift.  Adrian Alvi, AKA “the cook of the house”, would come home after working his corporate job, tired, but still needing to plan and prepare dinner for his family.  “What’s for dinner” is not the first thing one wants to hear after a long day’s work, especially when you have no ideas.

Then a new concept came to him: seasoning blends that would work on any food you had on hand; meats, veggies, beans & rice, leftovers or whatever.  These seasonings would be “complete” seasonings where no other flavors, not even salt, would be needed. Being a lifelong student of foods and flavors, he knew that if he could get what was in his head into a jar, it just might make life easier.

And so, Save the Day Seasonings was born!

It worked even better than expected for his family!  Now cooking was easier, healthier, and tastier than ever before!  At Christmas, he and his wife Jennifer, gave away “Adrian’s All-Purpose Seasoning” (now our flagship product, “Alvi’s Incredible”) to friends, relatives, teachers, and neighbors.  Not long after Christmas, many people were calling, loving the seasoning and asking for more!

That was all he needed.  The Alvi’s knew that this cooking solution was too good to keep to themselves. And so, Save the Day Seasonings was born!  There are currently 18 different blends: ethnic blends, spicy blends, our own unique creations, with more on the way (read more about them here).  We look forward to sharing many other ideas in the future, to help you in new ways in the kitchen!


First and foremost is family.  The Alvi’s have been blessed with 4 children: Sami, Lexi, Ethan, and Austin.  There is also our Save the Day family.  We desire the happiness and well-being of all our Kitchen Consultants, and consider them our extended family!  It is only by working together with our Consultants that we will foster change in our own lives and in the world that we desire.

Changing lives for the better.  If you are our customer, your life should be better and easier because you use Save the Day Seasonings.  If you are part of our growing Consultant team, you should be enabled to accomplish your valuable goals, financially and personally, by being part of the Save the Day family.


  • Integrity:  More than just honesty, we view integrity as the flow of positive energy that is only interrupted if we make choices that are contrary to our values.
  • Compassion: We believe that we are here, not only to improve our own lives, but to lift and serve those around us through compassion and generosity.
  • Determination: It is only through our determination to be courageous and to persevere through difficulties that we accomplish our most valued goals.
  • Quality: The excellence of our work will be determined by our commitment to quality in all that we do, personally and professionally.
  • Unity: Regardless of our role in the company, if we are united in purpose we will be able to accomplish things that have never been done before.

Save the Day Seasonings are manufactured at our facility in Meridian, Idaho by the Alvi family and Jeff Todd, President.


Adrian Alvi - Founder, Creator, CEO, Disneyland and Food Lover

Jeff Todd – Co-Founder, President

Jennifer Alvi – Founder, Executive Vice President

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