You’ve just found the most innovative, versatile seasonings available!

Be the Hero in Your Kitchen with Save the Day Seasonings

You know that cooking every day for you and your family can be challenging. Sometimes, by the end of a long day of work the last thing we want to do is cook. For me, that was a frustrating thing after a long day of work. So what to do? We might spend extra money dining out, heat up frozen food, or open the fridge again hoping something easy and tasty has magically appeared.

Not any more! Hey, we love eating out just like you do, but we’ll have you wanting to eat IN with the most versatile and useful spice blends available! Your job will not only be easier, but you’ll become the Hero in Your Kitchen! It’s really this simple:

  1. Find anything you have on hand, such as any meat, any vegetable, rice, pasta, or…whatever!
  2. Decide what flavor profile you want tonight (Indian, Mexican, Cajun, Alvi’s Incredible™, or something else).
  3. Simply add the seasoning of choice to your food when it’s almost done cooking (butter and/or liquid can often be added to bring body and flavor to a dish).

Serve and enjoy! Everyone will think you spent all day in the kitchen or followed a complicated recipe. And, all our blends can also be used as seasoning at the table if you want more flavor!

Take Your Food from Blah to BAM with Save the Day Seasonings

Everything you need to season your food is now in just one bottle.Make "What's for dinner?" your favorite question with Save the Day Seasonings


We have 13 different spice blends, in 4oz glass jars. The great thing is once you buy a jar you can buy refill packs that cost less and use the same jar! Save on the product and the shipping! We want to make it easy and affordable to Become the Hero in Your Kitchen. We also have great merchandise available: Save the Day™ t-shirts, embroidered aprons, mugs, and more coming!


Products2Here are the varieties we offer:

Alvi’s Incredible™ (you gotta get this one!), Indian, Spicy Indian (yes, it’s REALLY spicy!), Mexican, Italian, Thai, Spicy Thai (have a drink nearby!), Cajun, Strong A.R.M. (All-purpose, Rub, Marinade), Super Strong A.R.M. (Spicy version of Strong A.R.M.), Jamaican, and Chinese

Cooking will be SO easy for you now.

You pick the FLAVOR. You pick the FOOD. We make it taste GREAT at Save the Day Seasonings

About the Company:

Save the Day™ Complete Meal Seasonings is a brand of Alvi Food Innovations, Inc.

CEO and spice creator Adrian Alvi has over 14 years professional experience as a chef, baker, and cake decorator. He also has a business degree in Computer Information Systems. He has spent his entire life in the pursuit of making food taste better. Mastering spicecrafting and business systems makes him uniquely qualified to deliver these innovative spice blends using this platform, and introducing a new paradigm for food preparation.

Jennifer Alvi, VP – Design & Marketing, is the creative face of the company. Her many years as a professional photographer and education in fine arts enables her to generate new ideas and develop the products in the most appealing ways.

Our mission is to make Save the Day Complete Meal Seasonings the preferred seasoning in America by changing the way people view meal planning and preparation, and making kitchen heroes out of America’s home cooks. Our vision is to create the very best seasonings available and to educate people on how to become the hero in their kitchen.

Adrian and Jennifer Alvi live in Meridian, Idaho. Adrian’s lifelong passion for the study and preparation of food, and a desire for healthy, easy-to-prepare, and flavorful meals inspired him to design several spice blends for his own home use. It became clear to those around him that he was on to something, and soon requests for his spices provided the spark for this new food preparation paradigm to take root. Thus, Save the Day Complete Meal Seasonings was born. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

About our Values:

We believe that each and every decision made by employees and leadership at Save the Day Seasonings must be driven by a fundamental set of values. Values form the core of who we are, individually and as a company. When faced with a choice, these values should be the driver of our actions:

Integrity: More than just honesty, we view integrity as the flow of positive energy that is only interrupted if we make choices that are contrary to our values

Compassion: We believe that we are here not only to improve our own lives, but to lift and serve those around us through compassion and generosity.

Determination: It is only through our determination to be courageous and to persevere through difficulties that we accomplish our most valued goals.

Quality: The excellence of our work will be determined by our commitment to quality in all that we do, personally and professionally.

Unity: Regardless of our role in the company, if we are united in purpose we will be able to accomplish things that have never been done before.